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XonerateProduct Type: Herbicides
Product Label  /  Product MSDSXonerate is a post-emergent herbicide and represents a new turfgrass chemistry for golf courses. Xonerate contains 70% Amicarbazone in a water-dispersible granule formulation. It is absorbed by leaves and roots and inhibits photosynthesis in sensitive plants by interfering with normal electron transport.

Poa annua control occurs over a three- to four-week time period. Poa annua initially becomes chlorotic (loss of green color), followed by necrosis (browning of plant tissue).

Unlike current management treatments that only suppress Poa annua, the evidence of Xonerate working is much easier to see. Within 21 to 30 days your Poa annua will be gone, allowing desirable turfgrasses to fill in. The time lapse above represents a moderately heavy Poa annua infestation in creeping bentgrass with application in the spring. Results will vary depending upon time of treatment, density of Poa annua, course conditions and other variables.

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