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Woodace 14-14-14product catalog

Woodace 14-14-14Product Type: Granular Fertilizer
Product Brand: Woodace
Product Label  /  Product MSDSWoodace Flowering 14-14-14 is a premium homogeneous fertilizer for maintaining ornamental landscape plants such as foundation plantings, shrubs, ground covers, trees, and flowers. Woodace Flowering 14-14-14 features a 1:1:1 nutrient ratio, ideal for establishment, flowering, and managed vegetative growth. It contains the secondary nutrients Magnesium and Sulfur, as well as the micronutrients Iron and Manganese for increased vigor and exceptional foliage. It contains 60% of the total nitrogen in a controlled release form for long term feeding. The homogeneous granule insures that all nutrients are distributed evenly with every application.
The Woodace product line offers a range of premium fertilizers, control products, and combination products for trees, shrubs, annual flowers and ground covers. Woodace products provide the ultimate complement to the professional care of landscape beds and ornamentals.

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