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TributeProduct Type: Herbicides
Product Brand: Bayer Environmental Science
Product Label  /  Product MSDSTribute Total provides broad-spectrum, post-emergent weed control in Bermudagrass. Tribute Total is the complete solution for the most troublesome weeds including dallisgrass, sedges, crabgrass and kyllinga as well as most broadleaf weeds.

After application, Tribute Total is readily absorbed by the foliage and carried to the site of action in the growing points of the susceptible plant.

Complete solution that provides control of grassy weeds, broadleaf weeds and sedges; eliminates need for multiple products; controls many annual and perennial grassy weeds, including dallisgrass; effective control of sedges and kyllingas; controls more than 55 different broadleaf weeds; easily measured for smaller application uses.

Pests controlled:
Chickweed, clover, crabgrass (large,smooth), dallisgrass, dandelion, dollarweed, doveweed, fescue, goosegrass, henbit, kylinga, nutsedge, plantain, ryegrass

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