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Product Label  /  Product MSDSThere is hardly a time of the year when plants do not suffer from losing too much water through the leaves or suffer from excessive transpiration. Anti-transpirants such as TransFilm are applied to leaf surfaces to relieve the plant from water stress.

Coating leaves with a thin film can provide a water-impermeable layer to reduce transpiration. Applications of TransFilm will coat the plant surfaces with a clear, glossy film that will decrease the rate of transpiration.

For example, a single application in late fall provides winter protection for golf greens. Combining TransFilm with fungicides can extend snow mold protection as well. Applications of TransFilm prior to transplanting helps the transplant during the critical moisture stress periods when the root system cannot compensate for the amount of water lost by transpiration.

Applications of TransFilm can complement good water management and can be used effectively where transplant survival is the main problem.

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