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Southern ShadeProduct Type: Grass Seed
Product LabelSouthern Shade has been designed to be a versatile turf ideally suited for shady areas of home lawns, campuses, cemeteries, parks, golf course roughs, campsites, etc. Southern Shade mixture will perform well in moderate to heavy shade, has good drought tolerance, and good insect and disease resistance. Use a low nitrogen fertility program with Southern Shade, and try to limit traffic as much as possible. As a general rule, fine fescue grasses are not as traffic tolerant. We do not recommend use of this mixture in full sun areas.

Southern Shade is a great variety of native fine fescues, chewing fescues, creeping red fescues, and approximately 5% bluegrass. The combination of species allows for a great native area on slopes of golf courses, homes, public areas, and more. Southern Shade can be combined with bloomers or baby bloomers to provide a very natural but colorful look.

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