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Solu-Cal Gypsumproduct catalog

Solu-Cal GypsumProduct Type: Soil Amendments
Product Label  /  Product MSDSUse for Sodium Abatement, Magnesium Reduction, and Aerating High CEC (tight) Soils. Provides both Soluble Calcium and Sulfate Sulfur to soil. In most soils, Solu-cal S does not affect soil pH while adding soluble and available Ca. Impregnated with 2% PHCA Carboxy Organic Acid to significantly increase nutrient availability and efficiency. Clean dust-free pellet. Fairway Grade 210 sgn & Micro Greens Grade 80 sgn. Use at 1/4th the rate of traditional gypsum. Corrections occur in 6 to 8 weeks compared to 6 to 8 months for gypsum. 50 lb. bag covers 4,000 sq. ft. to 8,000 sq. ft.; 555 lbs./acre to 260 lbs./acre. Safe to use any time of year on turf, vegetables and all plant material.

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