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Sea 3Product Type: Foliar Liquid Fertilizer
Product Label  /  Product MSDSSea 3™ is a unique liquid organic fertilizer formulated from three distinctive sea based nutrient sources: fish meal, kelp meal and sea water extracts. It is designed to feed the plant with nutrients that are stabilized with a host of carbon sources that allow the nutrients to stay in soil solution longer and allow the plant to take them up more completely.

Carbon is the food stuff for microorganisms in the root zone that provides them the energy to freely multiple. As these microbes multiply, they release nutrients tied up in the soil. Sea 3™ provides layers of carbon from sources like kelp meal, fish meal, humic acids, and worm compost extracts. These raw materials are all rich in trace elements, cytokinins, gibberellins as well as macro nutrients all of which are available to the plant. This availability allows the plant to fight off common stress associated with growing grass and landscape plants in harsh enviroments.

The bulk of the sodium has been removed from the sea water but all the minerals, as many as 90, and multiple biological byproducts found in the sea remain and become an important part of feeding the plant and microbial population in the soil.

EarthWorks Liquid Organic Fertilizers provide nutrients that turf grass needs but also supplies soil conditioning benefits as well as microbial stimulants as a bonus. These Liquid Organics are highly engineered products designed to help the plant better perform, reduce heat stress and build the strongest root system possible.

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