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Roundup QuikPROProduct Type: Herbicides
Product Label  /  Product MSDSPowered by Roundup Technology - is the latest and greatest in the turf and ornamental herbicide line-up from Monsanto. QuikPRO offers the best choice for immediate, visible results and unsurpassed weed control. With the highest level of glyphosate on the turf and ornamental market, QuikPRO provides, quick measuring, quick mixing, quick action, and quick results. The easy to find blue jug contains a labeled precision measuring device. Round Up QuikPRO provides for quick and easy measuring, mixing, quicker action and the quickest results. Round Up QuikPRO is the highest level of glyphosate in the turf and ornamental market. Used on parks and golf courses nationwide, QuikPRO provides fast burndown results within 24 hours. Roundup QuikPRO is a water-soluble granule.

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