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Penneagle IIProduct Type: Grass Seed
Product LabelPenneagle II Bentgrass provides an excellent playing surface for tees and fairways. It has a medium-fine, non-aggressive, semi-erect growth habit with a dark green coloration. Early spring green-up helps compete against grassy weeds such as Poa annua. Penneagle II can be used for winter overseeding in the sunbelt.

A top performing fairway bentgrass, Penneagle germinates quickly. Penneagle's upright, dense growth habit helps crowd out Poa annua. Penneagle is considered salt tolerant.

The first mowing should be done when there isuniform turf coverage with a height from 1/4 to 3/8 inches and definitely not more than a 1/2 inch.The mower should have a smooth front roller. It has been reported that some people have used grooved rollers too early. Clippings should not be caught early on, as this will help build a biomass or padding that will protect the plant from damage. During the early stage it is important to do a weekly light topdressing. This will cover the clippings and smooth any roughness in the surface as well as accelerate the filling-in of the turf grass canopy. It is possible to get to the desired mowing height within six to seven weeks after the first mowing, if not sooner. The Penn series grasses are maintained by most facilities at 1/8 inch or lower for greens.

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