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Pennamin Caproduct catalog

Pennamin CaProduct Type: Soluble Fertilizer
Product Brand: Performance Nutrition
Product Label  /  Product MSDSPennamin Ca powder contains 7% N and 14% Ca as well as a blend of 17 different L-amino acids, 80% of which are free amino acids.
Pennamin Ca is rapidly absorbed through the stomates and trans-located within the plant to correct calcium deficiencies and enhance general vigor, and plant tolerance to environmental and pathogenic stress.

• PENNAMIN products are water soluble (or easily suspendable) so they are easy to blend and apply.
• 80% of PENNAMIN amino acids are free amino acids so that they are quickly available to the plant.
• PENNAMIN amino acids have a 6:1 C:N ratio which allows for the quick and sustained release of organic nitrogen.
• PENNAMIN amino acids have a very low average molecular weight - 130 Daltons - which makes them ideal and effective for foliar applications.
• PENNAMIN products contain a high level of Proline known to enhance water stress and drought tolerance.
• PENNAMIN products contain a high level of Histidine which, along with Proline, help regulate stomatal activity for enhanced foliar uptake.
• PENNAMIN amino acids are effective chelating agents which can chelate micronutrients tied up in the soil making them available for plant uptake.
• PENNAMIN products nourish beneficial soil microorganisms which are critical for a healthy and productive ecosystem.

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