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organicsPLUS 25-2-5product catalog

organicsPLUS 25-2-5Product Type: Granular Fertilizer
Product Brand: organicsPLUS
Product Label  /  Product MSDSorganicsPLUS 25-2-5 contains 50% slow release derived from Ocean Grow Organics and XRT polymer coated nitrogen. organicsPLUS provides a great benefit to soil structure and composition. Yet also, the 25-2-5 is blended with micro and macro nutrients to provide quick and long-lasting color response. 25-2-5 is a great spring or fall fertilizer for warm or cool season turfgrass.

organicsPLUS provides a great answer to not only the science of agronomics, yet also the science of the environment. Blended with Ocean Gro organics, organicsPLUS contains a minimum of 50% organics, micronutrients and XRT slow release technology. Meaning, less applications with great turf response. organicsPLUS can feed up to 12 weeks. organicsPLUS also provides a stress relief formula for better disease tolerance during challenging summer months.

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