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MusketeerProduct Type: Plant Growth Regulators
Musketeer is the first turf plant growth regulator (PGR) to incorporate three PGR technologies. Musketeer is a patented formulation combining the optimal ratios of flurprimidol, paclobutrazol and trinexapac-ethyl which results in aggressive suppression of Poa annua, more uniform growth suppression, improved turfgrass color and quality, and extended spray intervals.

Growth regulation from Musketeer results from suppression of the plant hormone, gibberellic acid (GA), responsible for cell elongation in most plants. Musketeer has multi-site activity. It inhibits GA production early and late in the GA biosynthesis pathway resulting in more efficient GA regulation. Musketeer is absorbed by plants via roots, stems and leaves providing for more effective uptake.

University research has demonstrated that Musketeer is capable of reducing Poa annua with no discernible reduction of turf quality on both fairways and greens. “Musketeer will provide the golf course superintendent a new aggressive tool to reduce Poa annua populations without sacrificing turf quality. Musketeer will not injure Kentucky Bluegrass surrounds making it a great alternative to applications of paclobutrazol alone.” Programmed applications of Musketeer for turf growth suppression or Poa annua conversion have been shown to suppress Dollar Spot incidence in creeping bentgrass fairways, greens and tees. Musketeer will be labeled for Dollar Spot suppression.

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