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KaPre ExAltProduct Type: Water Quality
Product Brand: Performance Nutrition
Product Label  /  Product MSDSKaPre ExAlt is a proprietary formulation of organic acids, polyelectrolytes and plant-based surfactants specifically formulated by LidoChem, Inc. to answer the growing need for mitigating and remediating substandard irrigation water and adversely-affected soils in the agriculture and turf Industries. KaPre ExAlt further utilizes an enhanced natural surfactant capability, extracted from the original humate source material, to carry the KaPre ExAlt molecules into every tight and hard to reach space in soil or, as a foliar feed, into the plant leaf structure. Reduce damage of bicarbonates, carbonates and unwanted salts in irrigation water and soils. Increase the movement of nutrients, water and air in soil. Increase the Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of the soil. Dissolve minerals and increase soluble cations like calcium and magnesium. Mobilize and attach to mineral-bound anions like phosphorus making them plant-available.

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