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LidoQuest 18-3-6 LidoQuest 18-3-6
Product Brand: Performance Nutrition
LidoQuest 18-3-6 is formulated with 9% of the nitrogen as slow release nitrogen. Both the phosphorus and potassiumare soluble and readily available for immediate up take. LidoQuest fertilizers contain only Krystal KlearTM chelated micronutrients,....
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LidoQuest 30-0-0 LidoQuest 30-0-0
Product Brand: Performance Nutrition
LidoQuest 30-0-0 is a safe, effective nitrogen solution that is ideal for soil or foliar spray applications for turf and ornamentals. LidoQuest 30-0-0 is compatible with fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides and can be mixed and sprayed in one....
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Potent-Sea Plus Potent-Sea Plus
Potent-Sea Plus is one of the most powerful microbial and plant bio-stimulants available. Formulated using fish meal, kelp extract and a humic acid blend, Potent-Sea Plus was recently reformulated incorporating higher quality raw materials and....
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PrimeraONE Apex10 PrimeraONE Apex10
APEX-10 is a revolutionary proprietary organic formula that positively impacts soil conditions & plant performance. With the unique ability to stimulate microorganisms, APEX-10 is like a powerful energy drink for the existing soil microbe....
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Protein Plus14-2-5 Protein Plus14-2-5
Protein Plus is a new concept in plant nutrition. In order to provide color, vigor, recovery and plant health, the plant needs ALL the elements required to build a protein such as chlorophyll. Plants build amino acids by combining all the essential....
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Prudent 44 Prudent 44
Prudent 44 is considered the leading turf and ornamental phosphite on the market. Containing one of the highest levels of phosphoric acid on the market, Prudent 44 also offers 14% nitrogen to provide turf growth or turf rigidity during the summer....
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Quali-Phite 0-0-26 Quali-Phite 0-0-26
Highly Soluble Potassium Phosphite Foliar Nutrient for Turf, Nursery Crops, and Commercial Landscaping. Stabilized with a unique, patented formulation of organic acids. Helps improve plant health, quality and longevity and increase disease, drought....
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Sea 3 Sea 3
Sea 3™ is a unique liquid organic fertilizer formulated from three distinctive sea based nutrient sources: fish meal, kelp meal and sea water extracts. It is designed to feed the plant with nutrients that are stabilized with a host of carbon....
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SeaQuential Micros 7-0-1 SeaQuential Micros 7-0-1
SeaQuential Micronutrients is a professional use product containing nitrogen, potasium, magnesium, sulfur, boron, iron, manganese, zinc and sea plant extract. It is buffered to maintain spray tank solutions near optimal neutral pH ranges. It is....
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Trilogy Trilogy
Trilogy TBS is the TOTAL Bio-Stimulant. This unique blend provides a base line program for plant, root and microbial stimulation. It supports strong plant growth and recovery, with a host of macro and micro nutrients; root stimulation with a....
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