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Independence BentgrassProduct Type: Grass Seed
Product LabelIndependence Creeping Bentgrass ranks with the new elite bentgrasses and delivers higher overall turf quality than the old standards. Independence tied for #3 for overall turf quality in the 2004 NTEP Greens Height trial (25 locations).
• Improved overall disease resistance
• Excellent seedling vigor, fast establishment
• Excellent resistance to Poa annua invasion
• Improved mowing qualities
• Medium dark green color
• Upright, aggressive growth habit
• Excellent for fairways, greens, and tees
• The new choice for today's turf manager to meet high expectations with current maintenance practices

Independence is an upright, aggressive, medium dense variety that establishes quickly, is highly resistant to Poa annua invasion, and will recover quickly from ball marks and divots. Its mowing height flexibility allows use on fairways, tees, and greens. Independence develops a dense, fine textured turf without developing excessive thatch. Its medium density also allows easier topdressing than other dense varieties. Independence will be the ultimate choice for new
construction or reconstruction projects.

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