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FinaleProduct Type: Herbicides
Product Brand: Bayer Environmental Science
Product Label  /  Product MSDSFinale is a non-selective herbicide that provides fast and effective control of a broad spectrum of emerged annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds. Absorbed rapidly through green tissue, Finale produces visible results in one to four days. And its unique mode of action controls even the tough weeds like poison ivy, dandelion, and thistle.

Finale has no soil-residual activity, so transplanting or seeding in treated areas is possible hours after application. It's also an excellent tankmix component, compatible with many popular herbicides. And it's convenient, too. Finale can be applied through a wide range of spray equipment.

Some primary weeds, grasses, and sedges, controlled include but not limited to: chickweed, clover, purslane, smartweed, dandelion, malva, jimsonweed, barnyard grass, fall panicum, giant foxtail, Kentucky bluegrass, crabgrass, Johnsongrass, lovegrass, and bermudagrass.

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