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EcoliteProduct Type: Granular Fertilizer
Product Label  /  Product MSDSEcolite takes soil amending to the next level. Not only does this zeolite mineral have the highest CEC of all physical soil amendments, its holds and releases potassium and ammonium, retains water and creates porosity resulting in enhanced growing conditions.

Ecolite is a zeolite mineral and has the highest CEC of all physical soil amendments on the market. The CEC value of Ecolite is around 200 me/100g as compared to 40 me/100g for comparable calcined clay and diatomaceous earth products. This is a naturally occurring mineral that is mined, crushed and screened to an ideal particle size. It has a low bulk density of about 1,300 pounds per cubic yard, as well as a unique, rigid crystalline lattice structure. This porous structure enables the product to retain and slowly release water and nutrients into the root zone. Research at Cornell University showed that when Ecolite is mixed with a USGA-type sand at a 10 percent rate, the CEC of the mix is more than 160 times greater than sand alone. In effect, it makes all fertilizer applications “slow release.” More of the applied nutrients end up being used by the grass plant, surge growth is diminished, and the turf grows more consistently.

The ideal particle size makes Ecolite the ideal soil amendment when aerifying or for construction.

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