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Dylox Granularproduct catalog

Dylox GranularProduct Type: Insecticides
Product Brand: Bayer Environmental Science
Product Label  /  Product MSDSDylox provides fast-acting control of surface-feeding and soil insects, including white grubs, mole crickets, sod webworms and cutworms. Not wasting any time, Dylox works immediately after irrigation or rainfall, and penetrates thatch up to 1/2-inch thick when watered properly, providing grub control within 24 hours. Under normal conditions, Dylox controls the pest and then degrades quickly.

Trichlorfon, the active ingredient in Dylox, is in the organophosphate class of chemistry. Organophosphate insecticides inhibit the breakdown of acetylcholine by cholinesterase, an enzyme that is essential in regulating the proper functioning of the insect nervous system. Dylox works by contact and ingestion. Contact activity provides quick knockdown, while ingestive activity ensures complete pest control.

It is important to irrigate the turfgrass as soon as possible after treatment with Dylox to move the active ingredient through the thatch and into contact with the white grubs.
Control will diminish as the thatch layer exceeds 1/2 inch. Periodic dethatching of the turf will ensure effective control by Dylox. For liquid applications, the water used in the spray solution should be buffered to a pH of between 6.0 and 7.0 because the active ingredient in Dylox is susceptible to alkaline hydrolysis. In a solution with a pH of 8.0, the half-life of Dylox is only 63 minutes. In a solution with a pH of 7.0, the half-life of Dylox is 6.4 hours. In a solution with a pH of 6.0, the half-life of Dylox is 3.7 days. This documents the importance of buffering solutions of Dylox to protect the structural integrity of its active ingredient.

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