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DisarmProduct Type: Fungicides
Product Label  /  Product MSDSDISARM Fungicide, applied alone or in combination with DMI or contact fungicides, is the cost-effective strobilurin foundation of affordable turf disease control. DISARM provides patented fluoxastrobin protection from all major patch, spot, and mold diseases at a competitive cost per acre, so you can use it anywhere on your course.

University trials and use on leading courses prove that DISARM with fluoxastrobin provides maximum strobilurin disease control at a competitive cost per acre that makes it affordable for use on fairways, tees and greens.

DISARM is an ideal fit as a foundation strobilurin fungicide, used alone or tank-mixed with DMI or contact products to control all major turfgrass diseases, including Anthracnose, Brown patch, Zoysia patch, Summer patch, Gray leaf spot, and Pythium. Plus, DISARM is the only strobilurin labeled for control of light-to-moderate infestations of dollar spot.

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