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Daconil ActionProduct Type: Fungicides
Product Brand: Syngenta
Product Label  /  Product MSDSDaconil Action helps turf activate its own defense system to increase its level of PR proteins. With a boost of protein, grass can help take care of itself. Daconil Action exhibits an additional unique mode of action, beyond that provided by chlorothalonil alone, which mimics the natural systemic activated resistance (SAR) response found in most plant species.

With new labels, suppressing Pythium Blight and Bactera Wilt, Daconil Action should be applied to turf foliage early, before disease symptoms become severe, and ideally prior to disease development.
Daconil Action, in addition to be a contact fungicide, moves systemically within the plant, however uniform spray coverage is essential for best performance.

Apply Daconil Action by ground application in sufficient water to ensure uniform coverage. See instructions for specific recommendations. Daconil Action mimics the SAR response in plants. Maximum disease control is normally obtained 4 days after a Daconil Action application.

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