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Country Club 12-24-8product catalog

Country Club 12-24-8Product Type: Granular Fertilizer
Product Brand: Country Club
Product Label  /  Product MSDSA premium, homogeneous micro sized fertilizer based on Meth-Ex 40 - methylene urea controlled release nitrogen and produced using LebanonTurf's patented Composite Technology granulation process. This product is an ideal source of P for putting greens or where a starter fertilizer is needed. Country Club 12-24-8 is formulated with LebanonTurf's Composite Technology, where slow-release nitrogen ingredients, are fused with phosphorous, potassium and micronutrients, creating a completely homogeneous microgranule.
Country Club is Landscape Supply, Inc.'s flagship homogeneous methylene urea controlled release fertilizer line that combines traditional high-WIN products with LebanonTurf's efficient and trusted Composite Technology granulation process.

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