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Country Club 12-0-18product catalog

Country Club 12-0-18Product Type: Granular Fertilizer
Product Brand: Country Club
Product Label  /  Product MSDSA premium, homogeneous micro sized high-potash fertilizer with micronutrients featuring ammoniacal nitrogen from ammonium sulfate and produced using LebanonTurf's, patented Composite Technology granulation process. Perfect for use on high-quality, low-cut turf areas such as putting greens. Ammonium sulfate is known for its rapid response and deep, dark green color. It also delivers sulfur, an often lacking secondary nutrient. Magnesium, iron, and manganese are added to complete the secondary and micro-nutrient package.
Country Club is Landscape Supply, Inc.'s flagship homogeneous methylene urea controlled release fertilizer line that combines traditional high-WIN products with LebanonTurf's efficient and trusted Composite Technology granulation process.

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