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Concert IIproduct catalog

Concert IIProduct Type: Fungicides
Product Brand: Syngenta
Product Label  /  Product MSDSConcert fungicide provides golf course superintendents with solid, preventative disease control on greens, fairways and roughs. Using a proprietary blend of the active ingredients from Banner MAXX and Daconil fungicides, Concert can be an important component of spray programs for cool-season grasses to protect the entire course from a broad spectrum of 13 diseases, including anthracnose, dollar spot and brown patch. Because Concert can be applied at efficient rates to treat so many different types of turf-damaging diseases, it is a particularly useful, versatile and economical way to treat fairways and roughs-in addition to providing solid control on greens. Additionally, because it contains SuperWeatherStik, it will stay on the grass blades longer and treat more effectively than other broad spectrum fungicides.
Outstanding protection against 13 different turf diseases, including dollar spot, anthracnose, and gray leaf spot.
• Features both contact and systemic activity, which provides superior resistance against dollar spot.
• Formulated for easy application.
• No tank mixing necessary.
• Perfectly balanced for optimal performance

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