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Bulldog 9-45-15 Turf Starterproduct catalog

Bulldog 9-45-15 Turf StarterProduct Type: Soluble Fertilizer
Product Label  /  Product MSDSBulldog 9-45-15 is a cost-effective way to either provide necessary phosphorous to the plant or establish quick vegetation from newly seeded areas. With a high concentration of soluble phosphorous 9-45-5 allows for the seed to quickly germinate. Adding 15% potassium provides great cell-wall strength during stressful plant seasons.

Landscape Supply's water soluble fertilizers are made from the highest quality materials. Bulldog Foliar is a specialty line of fertilizers for foliar nutrition. The application of foliar fertilizers is a way of supplying nutrients to plants, complementing soil fertilizations. Foliar fertilization is important at critical stages, when nutrient demand surpass the ability of the plant to absorb them from the soil. A balanced formulation makes Bulldog Foliar the perfect tools for foliar nutrient application.

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