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aquaMAXX Tall FescueProduct Type: Grass Seed

A scientifically blended turf type tall fescue mixture powered by groSMART technology. Each TTTF seed is pretreated with a patented blend of surfactants, proteins, natural growth promoting agents, nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, humic acids and a full micronutrient package. Accompanied with the groSMART technology, aquaMAXX varieties have carefully been chosen through the A-List program. Varieties have been through rigorous evaluation by 4 different universities, proving to be more tolerant to less water, less fertility, and less annual management.

Environmental Stewardship:
* Less inputs - contains a full load of nutrition on each seed
* Less Water - surfactants hold water where needed
* Sustainable - A-List Certified
* Organic Nutrition: natural biological proteins and acids

Fastest Establishment:
* Pretreated with readily available soluble phosphorous
* A-List Varieties need less water
* Biological microbes - rapid development of a deep root system

*Soluble potassium - builds cell wall strength
* A-List Certification - less water and less inputs needed
* Phosphite + Phosphate - prevents diseases

* Lateral Spread Seed - fills in damaged spots with new shoots
* A-List Certified - traffic and drought tolerance protocols
* Proteins + Calcium - adaptable to wide range of soil conditions

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