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46-0-0 Uflexxproduct catalog

46-0-0 UflexxProduct Type: Granular Fertilizer
Product Brand: Uflexx
Product Label  /  Product MSDSUFLEXX is exclusively formulated with lower concentrations of two proprietary inhibitors that minimize urea nitrogen loss through volitilization, leaching and denitrification. This formulation includes a unique inhibitor that blocks urease, which helps to minimize nitrogen loss to the atmosphere, allowing time for rainfall and irrigation to effectively transport nitrogen to the root zone for plant utilization. Once in the soil another inhibitor keeps it in a plant available form ensuring no other losses occur due to denitrification or leaching.
Simply put, UFLEXX ensures more nitrogen gets to the plant where it is intended to go. It improves nitrogen performance by reducing nitrogen loss to the environment and holding nitrogen in the soil in a plant usable form to provide consistent feeding that's not dependent on soil temperature or moisture. As a result, UFLEXX provides consistent nitrogen feeding with less burn potential, in addition to steady turf growth and exceptional color.

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