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Lawn Care

No other distributor in the Mid-Atlantic understands the challenges of lawn care operators better than Landscape Supply, Inc. In the early 1980's W.S. Connelly & Company ran a relatively decent size lawn care company covering the better part of Virginia (with locations in Roanoke, Richmond and Virginia Beach, Virginia).

We understand the significance of partnering with a distributor that can bring you cost-effective solutions, while also providing unmatched value. The lawn care industry is evolving right in front of our eyes. Your Landscape Supply, Inc. lawn care team is going to bring you the latest technology to hopefully improve your business and your businesses profitability. They have a great focus on stewarding the environment and finding top quality products that will continuously provide agronomic as well as economic value.

When choosing Landscape Supply, Inc. as your lawn care distributor, you will always have:

  1. A committed partner that will work hard to bring cost-effective, value-added solutions.
  2. Years of industry experience as well as training at Landscape Supply, Inc. to provide the proper education.
  3. Top quality products that are proven amongst university and industry trials.
  4. Energy and Excitement to help grow your business.

Don't only watch your customers satisfaction go your profits go up as well.

Landscape Supply, Inc. along with its partners in business have brought the Mid-Atlantic region the latest technology in Nitrogen. Help save your company money, yet get a better return on your investment. XRT is not like any other slow release product on the market. XRT is a proprietary and patented technology that provides extended release of nitrogen, allowing for LESS applications and consistent color to your customers lawn.

By using XRT controlled release fertilizer, you can reduce your fertilizer costs as well as your labor and fuel costs. Yet, all the while providing better results to your customer.

Some of the benefits to using XRT controlled release nitrogen:

  1. Epoxy Coating, equals durability and less likely to crack
  2. 12 week release curve: less applications
  3. Environmentally Friendly; no volatility or leaching
  4. Profitable to Lawn Care company

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