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Landscape Supply, Inc. and nurseries and growers are just like our company. Together we are both distributing "green" products throughout are specific geographies. We hole heartedly believe that because of these synergies, together we are a perfect fit with one another. Our nursery and grower partners across the Mid-Atlantic face the same economical, logistical and agronomic challenges we face every day.

We believe in providing a great value and a cost effective solution. Through our partnerships with basic plant protection manufacturers and our ability to custom blend your nutrient needs, Landscape Supply, Inc. can be serve to help you with your challenges and your goals.

Several of our Horticulture Team members have worked in your position: managing people, while propagating plants. They are passionate about helping you not only survive, but thrive with success. These account managers have a special knack to consult only when needed or asked upon, yet provide incredible service to an industry that we have learned needs someone that they can rely on for:

  1. Accountability
  2. Dependability
  3. Responsibility
  4. Service Oriented

Our solutions reach much further than the brands you trust. Brands such as: Syngenta Professional Products, OHP, Quali-Pro, Monsanto, and others. We are a proud distributor and partner of some of the best fertilizer companies and soil amendment companies across the country.

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