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Landscape Supply, Inc. prides itself on supplying and servicing some of the most premier turf and ornamental brands the green-industry has to offer. With over 35 years in the green-industry, we have worked hard to develop great relationships with many industry supply partners that the Mid-Atlantic turf & ornamental managers have learned to trust.

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Visit Arysta Life Sciences Arysta Life Sciences

BASF Turf & Ornamentals develops and markets innovative solutions for weed, disease and insect control. This means a powerful portfolio of leading herbicide, fungicide, and insecticide technologies.

Visit Bayer Environmental Science Bayer Environmental Science
Bayer is a leading plant protection solutions company for all turf, ornamental and structural managers. Bayer's unique technologies include StressGard technologies and much more.

Visit Becker Underwood Becker Underwood
We develop and produce a wide range of agricultural and horticultural solutions, including seed colorants and polymers, inoculants, beneficial nematodes, and mulch and turf colorants.

Visit Doggett Corporation Doggett Corporation
The Doggett Corporation manufacturer's the leading brands of soluble fertilizers and while keeping themselves current on tree nutrition and fertilization research. Doggett strives for the optimum in formulating the finest product for the tree.

Visit Dow AgroScience Dow AgroScience
Dow AgroSciences Professional Turf, Ornamental and Technical Products offers high-quality herbicides, insecticides and fungicides to professionals in the golf course, lawn care, landscape and nursery and greenhouse businesses.

Visit EarthWorks EarthWorks
Bewildered by the challenges of balancing the chemical, biological, and physical aspects of soil management. EarthWorks, LLC has the solutions.

Visit Emerald Isle Emerald Isle
Emerald Isle Solutions True Foliar nutrients incorporate seaplant extract, antioxidants, fulvic acids, and amino acids into a complete nutritional approach to turf health and vitality.

Visit Engage Agro Engage Agro
Engage Agro aspires to be recognized as an industry leader in the introduction and commercialization of novel, sustainable, and economical solutions end users in turf and ornamental markets.

FMC Corporation is a global, diversified chemical company serving turf and ornamental, industrial and consumer markets for more than a century with innovative solutions, applications and products.

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