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Corporate Team

Corporate Team

Our Corporate Team is comprised of passionate and committed persons to making sure our team-members and our customers have a positive experience in working with our companies. We stand behind our core values of integrity, innovation, teamwork, and accountability.

Brandon Funk Brandon Funk   ~   Vice President of Operations
Brandon Funk a local native of Roanoke, VA holds the title of Vice President of Operations. Yet, Brandon's responsibilities do not stop there. His ability to understand the importance of customer service has provided our companies the benefit to....
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Don Whitmire Don Whitmire   ~   Accounts Payable Manager
Don Whitmire has been with W.S. Connelly and it's subsidiaries for 20 plus years. Carrying several different responsibilities throughout his tenure, in 2004 Don was promoted to the company's Corporate Purchaser. Don works with all 4 companies....
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Kevin Connelly Kevin Connelly   ~   Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Kevin Connelly oversees direct and indirect relationships with customer clients. Kevin holds a bachelors of science degree in history from Lynchburg College. He has worked with W.S. Connelly & Company,....
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Kip Connelly Kip Connelly   ~   President
Kip Connelly has been owner of W.S. Connelly & Company, Inc. since 1973. In the mid-1980's, Kip purchased Landscape Supply, Inc, the first subsidiary of W.S.Connelly & Company, Inc. Since then, with the help of the management team, W.S.....
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Kyle Bickling Kyle Bickling   ~   Director of Environmental Construction Solutions
Part of W.S. Connelly & Company's leadership team, Kyle also works with both Landscape Supply, Inc. and Environmental Construction solutions. Kyle manages the Charlottesville service center, where he directly and indirectly works to provide our....
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Patrick Connelly Patrick Connelly   ~   President
Vice President of W.S. Connelly and Company and all of our companies, Patrick Connelly works out of our Midlothian, Virginia distribution facility. Patrick has a unique passion to run businesses successfully. He understand the hard-work that one....
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Sandra Payne Sandra Payne   ~   Business Manager
Sandra has been with W.S. Connelly & Company since the early 1990's. Sandra works closely with the ownership of the company, helping develop internal controls to improve efficiency for all of our companies. Sandra manages our accounts....
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Wally Newton Wally Newton   ~   Chief Financial Officer
Wally Newton serves as W.S. Connelly & Company's Chief Financial Officer. Graduating from Virginia Tech, Wally has since spent his entire career in the financial industry. Before his employment with the W.S. Connelly companies, Wally spent his....
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