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GPS Mapping

GPS Mapping

Long before Prescription Turf Services applies custom fertility to a superintendent's golf course, PTS provides the service of GPS mapping the property. By providing this service, PTS offers our customers the following advantages:

  • Total Acreage of Golf Course Property
  • Total Acreage of each specific hole; distinguished by tees, fairways, and greens
  • Printable Maps to for reference
  • Topography Maps
  • Exact spreadable areas for 100% accuracy

Mapping Technology
Prescription Turf Services uses a trusted Agricultural Mapping Technology to provide golf course superintendents with extremely valuable information. With more regulatory issues approaching our industry, PTS can combine a sophisticated truck with GPS mapping offering superintendent's exact acreage of their golf course. This information can then be used for spreading nutrients, yet also provide as a resource when spraying pesticides. Ag Fleet software stores all information in appropriate database that can easily be printed for review by the superintendent and/or any regulatory agencies.

Ag Fleet

  • Web based modular application
  • Map Printing
  • Works in conjunction with Viper system to provide ultimate mapping results
  • Facilitates multiple processes for generating effective soil treatment plans
  • Used in 15 million acres across North America
  • Imports soil characteristics, verifies irrigation needs, and manages costs associated with applying fertilizers.

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