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Custom Fertility Application

Custom Fertility Application

Prescription Turf Services main purpose is to custom apply golf course superintendent's fertility needs, in hopes to do so with much more accuracy than others and saving time and money to the golf course. PTS spreads lime, fertilizer, soil amendments and even grass seed for many golf courses throughout the Mid-Atlantic. Using the GPS mapping in combination with soil testing allows Prescription Turf Services to offer our customers a value unlike any others in our industry.

Prescription Turf Services can make custom applications from 100 pounds to 700 pounds per acre. Running on some of the newer technologies, PTS custom application trucks use GPS mapping to guide not only the applicator truck, yet also the distribution rate per acre.

Concentrating on soils, Prescription Turf Services precisely applies straight N-P-K, impregnated fertility, or calcium and magnesium products. A subsidiary of Landscape Supply, Inc., PTS has access to a multitude of brands to include the industries basic manufacturers as well as many post-patent suppliers. Landscape Supply, Inc.'s wide variety of product selection allows PTS the opportunity to provide our partners with options for the most cost-effective value.

PTS Technology
Prescription Turf Services uses the latest technology to provide golf course superintendents the most accurate spread in today's market. With a dual chain system and a separate power source to the applicator truck, Prescription Turf Services also uses the Raven Viper Pro GPS system.

Raven Viper Pro GPS:

  • 5 product variable rate control
  • Creates Golf Course Boundary Maps
  • Measures entire acreage of golf course
  • Provides acreage breakdown per hole
  • Fairways, Greens, Tees (all separate)
  • Generates Printable Maps per hole
  • Ties into soil test results to apply only the product needed
  • Light Bar Control to protect any overlapping. Will not overlap
  • Field Boundaries for No Spread Zones - Unit knows where not to spread
  • Field Boundaries provide turf manager less tie in
  • Spreader Constant Assistant - Eliminates manual calculation

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