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About Prescription Turf Services

About Prescription Turf Services

Company Profile

Prescription Turf Services aspires to be the premier choice in our custom application market.  read more

Green Initiative

In recent years, the Green phenomenon has reached nearly every sector of American culture. Being Green means different things to different industries, and often times, unfortunately it is a catch phrase that businesses lean on to direct sales.  read more

Corporate Team

Our Corporate Team is comprised of passionate and committed persons to making sure our team-members and our customers have a positive experience in working with our companies.  read more

Sales Account Managers

With over 150 plus years of total experience our company's sales account managers are committed to making the customer experience better than any anticipated expectations.  read more


Prescription Turf Services works with some of the most qualified fertilizer suppliers across the country. PTS works directly with Landscape Supply, Inc. giving us the ability to custom blend fertility based on recommendations from soil testing or needs from the turf manager...  read more


Prescription Turf Services, Inc. creates a friendly, professional atmosphere for employees. Our philosophy is team oriented, creating a dynamic and productive workplace. We work very hard to promote the welfare and growth of employees and customers.  read more

Prescription Turf Services
101 Madison Ave
Roanoke , Virginia 24027
Phone: 540-344-2699
Fax: 540-343-1484

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