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Sales Account Managers

Sales Account Managers

With over 150 plus years of total experience our company's sales account managers are committed to making the customer experience better than any anticipated expectations. Our team strives to provide a unique value in a constantly evolving industry. Understanding the commitment to the industry, many of our account managers have or currently serve on multiple regional and national industry committees.

Bill Blount Bill Blount   ~   Branch Manager
Bill is a veteran in the Green Industry. Coming to the W.S. Connelly companies after several years with Cypress Creek Golf Course, Bill brings a great deal of experience in not only managing turf, yet also managing operations and personnel. Bill....
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Bo Jumbercotta Bo Jumbercotta   ~   Northern Virginia Sales Account Manager
A veteran to the Turf & Ornamental industry, Bo comes to Landscape Supply, Inc. and Prescription Turf Services with a variety of experiences in the business. Over the past 25 years, Bo has managed several different segments of the golf....
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Brandon Funk Brandon Funk   ~   Regional Sales Account Manager
Brandon Funk a local native of Roanoke, VA holds the title of Vice President of Operations. Yet, Brandon's responsibilities do not stop there. His ability to understand the importance of customer service has provided our companies the benefit to....
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Bruce Adwell Bruce Adwell   ~   Regional Sales Account Manager
With over 25 years experience in the Turf & Ornamental industry, Bruce Adwell came to Landscape Supply, Inc. and Prescription Turf Services with more knowledge about not only agronomics but also the ability to understand customers needs and....
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Darrell Camper Darrell Camper   ~   Regional Sales Account Manager
Darrell Camper has been with Landscape Supply, Inc. and the W.S. Connelly companies for 7 years. Prior to joining our companies, Darrell Camper worked for Hydro-Lawn, a regional lawn care company, Tru-Green, and then over 15 years as an assistant....
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Dave Lawson Dave Lawson   ~   Tidewater Regional Sales Account Manager
Dave came to Landscape Supply, Inc. with a huge background in distribution sales. A former golf course superintendent, the past 15 plus years Dave has worked in sales, branch management and regional management for different green-industry....
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Eric Spurlock Eric Spurlock   ~   Regional Sales Account Manager
Eric Spurlock joined Landscape Supply, Inc. after eighteen years as a golf course superintendent in Richmond, Virginia. Since graduating from Virginia Tech's turf program, Eric has been well respected for not only his ability to manage turf, yet....
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Jared Russell Jared Russell   ~   Regional Sales Account Manager
Jared Russell is a veteran of the W.S. Connelly companies. For more than 11 years, Jared has developed into one of Landscape Supply's and Environmental Construction Solutions sales account managers. Jared is quick to pick up on product solutions....
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Kevin Connelly Kevin Connelly   ~   Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Kevin Connelly oversees direct and indirect relationships with customer clients. Kevin holds a bachelors of science degree in history from Lynchburg College. He has worked with W.S. Connelly & Company,....
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Patrick Connelly Patrick Connelly   ~   Vice President and Select Accounts
Vice President of W.S. Connelly and Company and all of our companies, Patrick Connelly works out of our Midlothian, Virginia distribution facility. Patrick has a unique passion to run businesses successfully. He understand the hard-work that one....
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Steve Burnette Steve Burnette   ~   Regional Sales Account Manager
Steve Burnette comes to Landscape Supply, Inc. and Prescription Turf Services with 15 plus years golf course and landscape experience. Working out of our Richmond service center, Steve concentrates on sports turf, golf and lawn care customer....
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