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Company Philosophy

Prescription Turf Services aspires to be the premier choice in our custom application market. While growth and success challenge us to continuously improve, we work equally hard to remain focused on:

  1. Integrity - conduct business with a high level of principle and ethical value
  2. Customer Focus - deliver high quality solutions
  3. Innovation - promote a culture of innovation and empowerment
  4. Leadership - inspire one another to reach our corporate vision
  5. Teamwork - encourage communication, collaboration and even debate.
  6. Excellence and Accountability - take personal ownership for ensuring we strive for excellence.


1950 - Only a few years from his service during WWII, Willard Stiff Connelly starts W.S. Connelly & Company.

Over the Next 22 Years - W.S. Connelly & Company, Inc. served many purposes in and around the Roanoke Valley. From the traditional feed and seed to one of the first hydroseeders introduced in the state of Virginia, W.S. Connelly & Company diversified it's business to sustain many challenges the company's generation faced.

1972 - At the unfortunate and unexpected death of W.S. (Bill) Connelly, Connelly & Company, Inc. found new ownership in Bill's second son, Kip (E.H.) Connelly.

1980's - W.S. Connelly, Inc. was a leading subcontractor for many erosion and sediment control solutions across Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. With a strong focus on hydroseeding, W.S. Connelly & Company, Inc. was part of many of the highway construction projects that were developing throughout the 1980's. W.S. Connelly, Inc. became known as Environmental Turf & Erosion Control Services, alongside our distribution sister company, Landscape Supply, Inc.

1984 - W.S. Connelly & Company, Inc. purchases Landscape Supply, Inc., a Lynchburg based erosion and sediment control distribution company.

1986 - After operating Landscape Supply, Inc. separately and apart from the rest of W.S. Connelly, Inc., Landscape Supply is moved to WSC's headquarters, Roanoke, Virginia.

1999 - Now exclusively providing solutions to the retail and wholesale construction market, Landscape Supply, Inc. opens its second branch in Richmond, Virginia.

2004 - Landscape Supply, Inc. opens its 3rd branch in Midlothian, Virginia.

2006 - Landscape Supply, Inc. opens its 4th branch in Charlottesville, Virginia

2007 - Landscape Supply, Inc. opens its 5th branch in Williamsburg, Virginia

2011 - Over 3,000 acres spread in first 18 months of operation

Core Values

Corporate Goal: To challenge ourselves, both individually and collectively to aspire to be the very best we can at what we do, each and every day.

Integrity: conduct business according to the highest ethical standards.

Customer Focus: deliver high quality, high-value solutions.

Innovation: foster a culture of innovation and encourage creativity.

Operational Excellence: maintain an environment that focuses on continuous improvement.

Leadership: inspire and empower one another to achieve our corporate vision.

Teamwork: promote collaboration and communication.

Dynamic Environment: cultivate an energizing environment that instills a sense of pride and winning spirit

Excellence and Accountability: Take personal OWNERSHIP for ensuring that we strive for excellence in all aspects of our daily responsibilities. Exceed our customer's expectations, as well as our competitor's efforts.

Watch Our Pennies: Promote frugality. Take personal OWNERSHIP in our daily challenges, thus we respect the company's efforts to retain and grow its customer base at a profit.

Prescription Turf Services
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