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Terra-MulchProduct Type: Hydraulic Erosion Control Products
Product Brand: Profile Erosion Control
Product Label  /  Product MSDSTerra-Mulch is widely recognized as the leading developer of innovative hydraulic mulches that more effectively stabilize soil, promote more complete seed germination, encourage more rapid plant establishment and help ensure you're not called back to a site for reapplication. Comprised of 100% paper, Terra-Mulch is an economical way to establish vegetation. On areas where there is high levels of elevation or severe runoff, it is recommended to use straw for quicker germination, then use Terra-Mulch to tack the straw. Otherwise consider using a stronger mulch such as Enviroblend, Flexterra, EcoAegis, or combining Terra-Mulch with Tacking Agent 3 or FlocLoc.

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