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ShoreMaxProduct Type: Storm Water Management
Product Brand: Tensar North American Green
Product LabelThe ShoreMax™ Soft Revetment Scour Protection Mat is a patent-pending mat designed for mechanical protection over highly erosive areas. North American Green's ShoreMax Mat can elevate the shear and velocity protection over what turf reinforcement mats (TRMs) alone can handle. The unique, highly flexible UV-stabilized ShoreMax Mat is designed with voids to allow vegetation establishment through the mat, and can offer soft armored solutions in place of hard armor products such as rock rip-rap and articulated concrete blocks in turbulent flow and wave attack applications.

NTPEP Channel Testing
Large-scale channel test results just published by the American Association of State Highway Transportation Official's National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (AASHTO-NTPEP) prove North American Green's ShoreMax™ Soft Revetment Scour Protection Mat dramatically increases the unvegetated shear resistance of TRMs. The results from the test showed the unvegetated ShoreMax Mat in combination with a Vmax3 P550 TRM underlayment to withstand flow induced shear stresses of 8.6 lbs/ft2, and velocities up to 19.5 ft/s - a level of performance on par with many fully vegetated TRMs.
The ShoreMax Mat is the first scour protection mat in the industry to post unvegetated performance values in NTPEP's large-scale channel testing. With unvegetated performance substantially greater than any current TRM on the market, the ShoreMax Mat is ideal for boosting the performance of TRMs in critical applications such as pipe outlets and outfalls, channel bottoms, shoreline transition zones, and other areas subject to highly turbulent water flow.
The ShoreMax Mat used in conjunction with a North American Green TRM can appease concerns over project stability during the unvegetated and partially vegetated stages, giving design engineers more confidence in using this soft armor system in place of hard armor solutions such as rock rip rap and articulating concrete blocks. For more details on the large-scale channel testing, visit www.ntpep.org for the full testing report.

Design Guidelines
As a rule of thumb, the North American Green ShoreMax Mat can boost the unvegetated permissible shear stress of the underlying TRM by a factor of 2.5 times. The ShoreMax Mat offers exceptional performance capabilities and can offer affordable and reliable, high-performance systems for erosion protection and sediment control. For additional design and installation guidelines download the ShoreMax Design and Installation Guide.

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