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Nonwoven 4 and one half ounceproduct catalog

Nonwoven 4 and one half ounceProduct Type: Geotextile Nonwoven
Product LabelCivil nonwoven geotextiles are designed for high permittivity (water flow) and a fine pore structure. Their strength prevents damage due to construction stresses, while their pores allow the free flow of groundwater and in-place gas and liquid transmission. Given their fine pore structure, civil nonwovens prevent fine soils from piping through or clogging the geotextile - eliminating the need for an expensive graded granular filter. AASHTO M 288 is the national guideline specification for the use of geotextiles in civil engineering applications.
Functions include: Filtration: Civil nonwoven geotextiles filter soil particles while allowing excellent water permittivity for structures requiring drainage. Erosion Control: They can provide erosion control structures with stabilization and filtration. Reinforcement / Stabilization: They can improve the mechanical properties of soil and structural fill by absorbing tensile forces and reducing deformation. Separation: They also perform separation beneath roads, keeping dissimilar materials separated to maintain their functionality. Drainage: Their high in-place and normal flow rates prevent excess water buildup and pore pressure, keeping civil structures strong and stable.

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