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Jet SprayProduct Type: Hydraulic Erosion Control Products
Product Label  /  Product MSDSJet Spray pourable fiber mulch with FiberMax is among the most sophisticated wood/cellulose hydraulic mulches on the market today-and you don't need a big machine to use it. From dramatically reduced loading times to greatly increased yields, Jet Spray gets the job done faster and better than ever before.
• Unique fiber mulch flakes are specifically designed to pour into the smaller tank openings of jet-agitated hydraulic seeders.
• Loading time is decreased by up to 90% versus traditional based hydraulic mulches.
• Delivers 50% more FiberMax synthetic fiber than before for more uniform ground coverage and reliable erosion control.
• Flocculating tackifier increases yield so every bag goes farther providing greater loft within the matrix and outstanding erosion control performance.
• Dyed a dark green color for easy metering of the applied area

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