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High Cal LimeProduct Type: Vegetation
Product Label  /  Product MSDSHigh Calcium Lime contains a higher level of calcium limestone for struggling soil conditions. Our dust-free pellets are sized for easy application, yet they dissolve quickly to neutralize acid soils & enhance fertilizer effectiveness. Applications using High-Calcium Lime is an important part of a vegetation solutions in the humid, Mid-Atlantic States. Because, rainfall exceeds 30 inches per year, leaching basic or alkaline-forming ions, such as calcium and magnesium, from the soil and resulting in an acid soil condition which restricts growth of turf. In an average year in the Mid-Atlantic over 50% of the soils test with a pH lover than 6.0. The optimum pH level for turf is in the 6.2-6.5 range. Rates an vary on pelletized lime based on the results of the soil test.

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