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GeoRidge Check DamProduct Type: Erosion and Sediment Control
Product LabelGeoRidge is a lightweight, sustainable alternative to conventional check dams. GeoRidge is a permeable plastic berm that has been designed for erosion and sediment control. It can be used with both permanent and biodegradable erosion blankets and is effective in reducing water velocity, spreading water over a wider area, trapping sediment, and aiding in revegetation. GeoRidge is intended to provide a temporary reduction in flow velocities until such time that vegetation is able to establish. By acting as an energy dissipater, GeoRidge reduces flow velocities causing silt to settle upstream of the check dam. The permeable design allows for the dissipation of energy both through and over the structure. Reduced water velocity also results in minimized downstream erosion. Compared to straw bales, rock check dams, wattles, and other synthetic devices, GeoRidge consistently delivers competitive erosion and sediment control results. GeoRidge is constructed of a durable UV stabilized High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), giving it very good resistance to UV and normally occurring soil conditions. GeoRidge should be removed once vegetation is established - it can be reused for future projects.

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