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Flexterra HP-FGMProduct Type: Hydraulic Erosion Control Products
Product Label  /  Product MSDSNew, patent-pending Flexterra HP-FGM™ (High Performance-Flexible Growth Medium) elevates the near-perfect performance of the original Flexterra FGM to an even higher level. With better erosion control, Flexterra HP-FGM immediately bonds to the soil surface. Its flexible yet dimensionally stable matrix retains 99% of soil, vastly reducing turbidity of runoff for up to 18 months. HP also features greater wet bond strength, yielding increased resistance to overland sheet flow. Hydraulically applied Flexterra HP-FGM delivers:
• The highest germination and growth establishment available
• Greater than 99% erosion control effectiveness immediately upon application
• 100% biodegradability
• 100% recycled wood fiber
• Crimped interlocking man-made fibers add strength
• Greater safety for even the most sensitive aquatic environments because it's proven to be non-toxic
• Cost-effective erosion control and denser vegetation while protecting the environment

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