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EnviroblendProduct Type: Hydraulic Erosion Control Products
Product LabelEnviroBlend's Thermally Refined wood fiber holds 13.5 times its weight in water to promote faster, more complete germination. Say goodbye to callbacks due to washouts or poor turf establishment. Combines 100% Thermally Refined wood fiber with the highest quality cellulose in the industry, delivering up to 15% greater yield to contractors versus competitive blend products without a big jump in price.
• Same quality wood and cellulose blend as Conwed Fibers EnviroBlend but with a pre-blended 3% polymer tackifier for a stronger bond and greater holding power.
• Eliminates the extra step and mess of field-mixing tackifier.
• Consists of 70% Thermally Refined wood fiber plus 30% high quality cellulose
• Meets or exceeds all requirements for wood and paper fiber mulch.
• Available in 50-lb bags.

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