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C125 Bio-Netproduct catalog

C125 Bio-NetProduct Type: Rolled Erosion Control Products
Product Brand: Tensar North American Green
Product Label  /  Product MSDSA double net coconut blanket, C125BN features a layer of 100% coconut fiber stitched with biodegradable thread between biodegradable natural-fiber top and bottom nets. The dense layer of coconut fiber stitched between the jute nettings enables C125BN™ to provide more effective erosion protection and mulch than woven coir nettings in critical applications for up to 24 months. The extended-term biodegradable erosion control blankets in North American Green's BioNet Series consist of an evenly distributed fiber matrix that includes a long-lasting coconut fiber component for added durability and is stitched with biodegradable thread between 100% biodegradable jute fiber top and bottom nets. They are designed to provide all-natural erosion protection and assist with vegetation establishment for 18 to 24 months, depending on the product, in applications such as steep slopes, medium-to high-flow channels, and shorelines. After the blankets degrade, soil erosion is controlled by the root, stem, and leaf structures of the mature vegetation.

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