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8 ounce Nonwovenproduct catalog

8 ounce NonwovenProduct Type: Geotextile Nonwoven
Product LabelEnvironmental nonwoven geotextiles provide both strength and quality while meeting the delicate needs of structures that protect the environment. Fashioned from durable polypropylene fibers, our environmental nonwovens are needle-punched and form a strong, thick structure that can ensure the protection and performance of structures like impermeable lining systems.

With our environmental nonwoven geotextiles, you can economically meet federal safety and performance requirements, ensuring faultless protection, separation, stabilization or filtration performance. Thrace-LINQ nonwovens also relieve built-up gas or liquid pressure.
Features & Benefits
• Durable, chemical-resistance, UV-stabilized polypropylene fibers
• Excellent surface friction and built-in elongation, to prevent damage
• Effective filter, with tight pore size (AOS=70) and high permittivity
• High tensile strength, with excellent puncture and tear resistance
• Range up to 16.0 oz/sy (543g/sm), to cover all environmental needs
• Thick structure, allowing cushioning and lateral gas and liquid transmission

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