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Landscape Contractor

Landscape Contractor

Landscape Contracting involves innovation and technology for construction and landscape projects. And with society's emphasis on keeping our environment clean, Landscape Contracting has become a to play a more significant role in the overall construction project. With all the experience Environmental Construction Solutions has in erosion control, soil stabilization and water quality; we can also provide Landscape Contractors with multiple solutions for small or large projects. Usually the last part of a construction project, Environmental Construction Solutions carries a wide variety of products that can help earn project LEED certified credits. The LEED phenomenon can help Landscape Contractors and even project owners earn environmental stewardship credits.

Our ultimate goal is to provide the Landscape Contractor market with environmentally friendly products that will ultimately help contribute to the overall sustainability of our eco-system. We take the years of experience and apply it to a part of our distribution business that is the most rewarding. Landscape Contractors serve a key component in the green industry. Landscape Contractors work the final stages on water quality and storm water management, two of the more important aspects during the design phase.

Environmental Construction Solutions products include but are not limited to: bio-engineered soils, silt fences, tree guying, water quality management, storm water BMP's, and a wide variety of specified grass seed mixtures. When dealing with one of our Landscape Contractor sales account managers you can guarantee they will work very hard to provide:

  1. Credibility - Many account managers are certified in a variety of green industry initiatives.
  2. Assisting - ECS can help assist from the design to completion phase.
  3. Service Oriented - Understanding Landscape Contractors are facing time restraints, ECS always has a well stocked inventory of product solutions.

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