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The geosynthetics market can be considered a very diversified industry, with multiple solutions available. Environmental Construction Solutions has been recognized as a full-service distribution company offering customized bmp technologies or fabricated solutions. Environmental Construction Solutions has established great working relationships with geosynthetic suppliers, which has positioned ourselves to access some of the more technologically advanced geosynthetics. Our Geosynthetics division includes specific account managers that work exclusively in the geo-solutions market.

Working with engineers, contractors and subcontractor during the planning phases of a project, ECS can work to help develop a strategy using value-added, yet cost-effective solutions. Our team is very well trained when needing geotextiles, geogrids, geonets, geosynthetic clay liners, geocells, cellular confinement systems, and geocomposites. Our products have a wide range of applications, including: transportation usage, geoenvironmental hydraulics, and private development applications including roads, airfields, railroads, embankments, retaining structures, reservoirs, canals, dams, erosion control, sediment control, landfill liners, landfill covers, mining, pond liners and more.

While Geotextiles make up the largest group of our geosynthetic market, carrying wovens, nonwovens, asphalt overlay, and erosion control geotextiles, geogrids also make up a large portion of a growing market. Used for soil and slope stabilization, ECS carries a wide variety of geogrids that best suite specific needs.

The geosynthetic market continues to play a major function in the construction industry. Environmental Solutions is committed to developing and marketing customized bmp technologies as well as fabricated solutions. When working with one of our geosynthetics account managers, they will be sure to provide:

  1. The best solution the first time.
  2. Geo-consultation, while always keeping the economics of the project on the front of their mind.
  3. Multiple warehouse across the Mid-Atlantic fully stocked with geosynthetic solutions.

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